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AI is the foundation of our next industrial revolution.
We want to help you be the early adopters.

Our filmmaking bootcamp takes you beyond the popular tools to have more creative control with generative tools. Over the course of a weekend, learn how to write your own code to create a short film using generative video and audio tools and processes

March 9th-10th, 2024

24hrs of programming

In Los Angeles

Topics Covered

Ideation and scriptwriting using AI

Master prompt engineering

AI-assisted art direction and curation

Develop prompts for visual storytelling

Use ComfyUI to run Stable Diffusion locally

Run open source python algorithms on cloud computing

Deepfakes, FaceSwaps, and video manipulations

Utilize AI algorithms for video generation

Visualize facial expressions in real-time

Leverage AI for sound editing without the need for mics

Explore voice cloning, dubbing, and voiceover AI solutions


Dr. Sam Khoze is an AI and robotics expert with a background in medicine, renowned for his pioneering work in Bio-Inspired Communicative AI. Transitioning from film production to robotics, he collaborated on highly intelligent social robots with esteemed figures from Osaka University and NASA/JPL. His achievements include representing cutting-edge robots like Erica and Alter and creating Hollywood's first fully autonomous AI entity for a movie, as highlighted by The New York Times. Dr. Sam Khoze is the Head of AI Innovation at FBRC.AI.

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