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Building the future of story creation

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Entertainment is changing.

Audiences want a narrative experience that meets them where they are and that responds to their actions.

The process of IP development has been evolving.

Storyworlds can spawn consistent narratives that exist in a shared universe across content formats. 

AI enables content production at scale.

Volumetric worlds supported by AI can support content creation across mediums and enable content customization for participants

There are gaps between the promise of what AI enables and what it takes for AI to actually fill in the gap.

We bring together academic + industry + product expertise to develop defensible AI tools that have product-pipeline fit

We use AI to create production workflow tools for existing and emerging forms of content production, explore AI's role in enable content customization and co-creation in consumer interaction channels and develop at the interaction of hardware and software for AI on the Edge solutions 

01 R&D

We partner with academic research institutions to solve for industry challenges from a deep technical perspective


We support creators experimenting with the latest tools and startups innovating in content production tooling


We create content and program events that educate our community and enable knowledge sharing across the industry

Living Lab

Our Living Lab enables us to bring together a community of AI experts, storytellers, and creative technologists to experiment with the future of AI tooling.


Research + Case Studies

Our research explores AI and we create case studies regarding how they affect emerging workflows around content creation


Startup Cohort

We find AI startups that are solving for actual content workflow issues, and help them with product, positioning, and scale as they find product-pipeline fit

Creator Jams + Hackathons

Our monthly Hackathons and Creator Jams reward technical and non-technical creatives for experimenting with the latest tools

AI Filmmaking Bootcamps

Our in-depth AI bootcamps get creators playing with the code behind AI tools in order to have more control over the creative process

Membership + Community

Our members access weekly events at the Living Lab like Hack Days, Into the Fold Fridays, and more with the chance to test the latest AI products, share knowledge, and co-create

Tentpole Events

Our large public events like AI on the Lot bring public awareness to the way that AI is impacting creative production, and the current challenges to solve for

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headshot todd terrazas.jpeg

Founder/Executive Director of AI LA

USC School of Cinematic Arts


Founded an LA-based AI nonprofit in 2016 and scaled to a 13k+ community

rjv headshot 2 Cropped.jpg

Strategist, Designer, & Worldbuilder

USC Computational Neuroscience and Spatial Economics


Led design and strategy for clients including Disney, HBO, Technicolor, Havas, Ford, Nike


M&E advisor focused on early stage, growth driven companies

USC Marshall School of Business, MBA

Spearheaded new business incubation and revenue generation at Warner Bros. Entertainment, Amazon, and more.

AI technologist, roboticist, and researcher

Doctor of Medicine degree, MIT Postgraduate in Marketing Analysis, and a Master's in Artificial Intelligence from the University of York


Was the first to cast and train Hollywood's fully autonomous artificially intelligent entity in a motion picture

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